Stage Production

We gladly deal with the organizational side of your fashion event.
From stage logistics to catwalk design over music and choreographies: we turn happenings into premium experiences.

A perfect organization is bottom line. And our years of experience guarantee the sparkling and unique creative touch you are looking for.


Professional styling is a key success factor for a fashion event.
High impact outfits are strong eye catchers that will define the mood.
Our ambition is to translate your vision into stylish silhouettes with an outspoken expressive value.

With our years of expertise on the field, our genuine passion for fashion and a sharp eye for the ultimate outfits we love to turn your event into a breath taking visual experience.


In order to optimize the creative concept of your event we actively work on matching your preferences with our extensive model database.
Castings and careful selection procedures make sure your specific requirements are fulfilled.

And as quality is one of our core values, our models are more than just pretty faces.
Thanks to trainings they are able to empower your event by providing the extra add value required for a premium experience.


Content is king.
The communication before, during and after your event can be extremely important in reaching your objectives as to branding and return.
We are great in fashion story telling and if wanted will gladly provide you with professional copy and high impact visuals/streaming for your customized fashion reports or branded stories.
Uploaded on our fashion moodboard traffic and engagement  are guaranteed.

You rather wish to upload this content on your own channels or mix your channels with the Graceland platforms?
No problem. We have proven expertise in digital communication and are very driven to service you with professional advice and no-nonsense concepts.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, authenticity and transparency.
We feel that the success of your project can be best achieved by leveraging these strengths.
In this way we make sure that we exceed both your customers’ and your own expectations.
Our partnership between Emma and Jackie Lee does exactly that.

Severine is complementary to her Jackie Lee colleague Valerie. Thanks to her studies and experience in Communication, she got a chance to travel the world and get inspired by different cultures and businesses. She started modelling at the age of 15 so the fashion world holds no secrets for her. Her creative look on projects adds the extra punch.

Emma is an ex-model, advertising and television face and a fashion entrepreneur. Besides personal styling, Emma is specialized in creative styling concepts such as the styling for fashion shows, store activations and event concepts for numerous brands. Her expertise and talent for styling are the complementary skills required to be the best of the nest in our business.

Valerie is co-founder of Jackie Lee and shares her passion for fashion with her colleagues. Having been a model herself and having a master degree in Law, Valerie is excellently equipped to manage fashion projects successfully.


"Stijl voor gevorderden"

APRIL 2014 #jackielee #pressfeature VOKA

"Jackie Lee brengt technologie op de catwalk" 

MAY 2014 #jackielee #pressfeature EventNews

"De jonge onderneming, die zich specialiseert in de totaalorganisatie van modeshows, is er in geslaagd om een software te ontwikkelen dat een ongekend interactief niveau toevoegt aan
de traditionele défilé.  Het publiek zit vanaf heden pas écht op de eerste rij"


"Geen gat in de Belgische modewereld of voormalig model Emma Gelaude duikt er in"

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